Diego Buongiorno - "The Dawn" feat. Jo Hamilton

Diego Buongiorno

per Diego Buongiorno

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Cover photo featuring PhotoCosma

from "THE BUSH" album
available on iTunes worldwide, Amazon, Bandcamp and all digital stores.

track :1:
"The Dawn" feat. Jo Hamilton
1st single taken from "The Bush"

Written and produced by Diego Buongiorno.
Mix engineered by ADDI800 at Room313, Iceland.
Mastered by Mandy Parnell at Black Saloon Studios, UK.
Cover photo by Photocosma, Romania.

Music written by Diego Buongiorno/Jo Hamilton
Lyrics by Diego Buongiorno
Music arrangement by Diego Buongiorno

Piano, bass, synths and electronics performed by Diego Buongiorno
Vocals arrangement by Jo Hamilton

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