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    Eddie The Truck Driver

    Kenny Tarr

    by Kenny Tarr

    One of many amazing experiments where I have challenged and calculated and prevailed, succeeding in storytelling and performance in this and many other internationally televised programs. In this show, like many others, I appear as a character that is 100% created from my imagination and a story that is complete fiction, and yet, due to a willing collaborator, I am able to defy the odds and create the result I targeted. I have discovered a very bizarre pipeline into the absurd and have set a record and created intriguing stories out of the thin air in order to meet my own needs and fulfill a desire for fun. Not one character I have played seems to be an illusion and yet everyone of them is far more of an illusion and involves so much more high-level out-thinking of the TV business than anyone than you have ever heard of or can ever truly understand. This show was indeed a fun experience in Stamford CT, the home of witches, the WWE and a major talk show soundstage that is ground zero for the industry. What I have with all of my footage demonstrates that it is my time to be in TV and movies all the time...Eventually, I'd like to trade my 2 hours of American Trash TV Hoax clips for 2 hours worth of credits in legitimate acting in movies and TV...and my work would on that level stand well above most acting in movies and TV. I also have written and produced all my shows on a certain level and have worked and will work to produce TV and movie projects on a larger my talents are not limited to the limits of the genre I have excelled in hoaxing and entertaining and record-setting in. It is with the most humility I offer my video clips on here, more will be on soon but basically if you have and questions about my work or what is real or who Eddie is or what the whole situation is or you would like to contact me further on my stories in hoaxing major television shows and exploiting the American TV industry for the last 20 years I can be reached at I am transitioning into movies and beyond and look forward to achieving more in acting and beyond.