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    Biography Of Tommy Sotomayor & Family, Lol

    Uncle Tom CableVision

    by Uncle Tom CableVision

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    Tommy touches nerves with the black community because he straight up calls them out for being fucked up in certain segments- and they cant call him racist because he is black! So they call him Uncle Tom instead, come up with childish attempts to insult him, threaten him with violence for speaking his mind (like high school children) and call him a criminal over his child support beef (which we don't know all the details but many men who aren't criminals have been caught up in and labeled deadbeats- you know who you are you have lived it!). His denunciation of "nigga's" really upsets the thuggish part of the black community because he exposes them for being terrible and they cant solve his talking through violence which is their usual method of solving problems so they go nuts. Tommy is just a guy making his opinion known, there are lots on the internet doing it. He may be right about some things, he may be wrong about some things, he may be too extreme in ways or not enough, but in the end he is stating his opinion on an open forum of free speech. People that don't like it should examine why they care so much or why it bothers them, perhaps they are seeing something about themselves that touches a nerve. I hope he continues and make a difference somehow, somewhere with his views.
    Jon Kramer
    I like this guy
    By Jon KramerNovember
    Another Black Man pissed off cause someone isnt brainwashed by worthless people like Al Sharpton & Jesse Jackson. TJ is saying what most law obeying blacks really think. Black who don't work hard and are educated do not believe that white man is to blame for all of our problems. TJ hands you a clothes to wipe the crap out of your eyes and see the truth.
    This is a pathetic excuse for a "diss" I have ever scene....looks to me he got you, obviously touched a nerve, and this is your retaliation, showing hogs and pigs with uneducated statements that a beef between middle pupils would characterize. Grow up....this video makes you look stupid by the minute
    By Kevuga1August
    Bam Mam
    No jerry you look up thr facts, its well documented if you are interested. A real coward and cunt. Woman beater and pathetic excuse for a father.
    By Bam MamLast year
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