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    Diego Buongiorno - "The Bush" feat. Eivør [Footage]

    Diego Buongiorno

    per Diego Buongiorno

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    "The Bush swings gracefully between electronic, post rock and chamber music from the far north. Definitely we have a unique project."
    [ Rolling Stones Magazine ]

    Diego Buongiorno releases the digital version of his debut album: “The Bush”.
    A 25 track concept album with more than 60 international guests, composed for a magic fairytale written in 10 chapters, that celebrates the need to go back to unconsciousness and to the courage of playing. The album has been released on December 17th on the most important digital stores including iTunes Worldwide, AmazonMP3, Bandcamp, SpotiFy, MediaNet, eMusic, Zune, Nokia, Rhapsody, VerveLife.
    “The Bush” has been mastered in London on November 2012 by the Grammy Award Mandy Parnell (Feist, Bjork, The XX, Sigur Ros...)
    More than 60 internationally known Artists have been involved in this epic journey into Music and contemporary Art: musicians, photographers, visual artists, illustrators, directors and designers, representing 18 different countries, have being put together in four years of work.

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    Reykjavik, October 2012.
    Eivør featuring on "Northern Lights" for "The Bush" Project
    written and produced by Diego Buongiorno.
    Sound Eng Jón Ólafsson
    Video filmed by Óli Finns