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    SunnyHill(써니힐) _ Cold Day (With Yoon Hyun Sang) 추워지니(With 윤현상) MV

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    SunnyHill has receiving their fan's love with high quality music and unique concepts, and this time with a whole new song they are coming closer to their fans.

    SBS Audition program 'K-POP Star' Yoon Hyun Sang joined to make the song 'Cold Day' with SunnyHill's main Vocal Jubi. This is the first official activity for Yoon Hyun Sang. The song 'Cold Day' is a ballad song that has the analogy feelings of the 70s, based on classic. It's a song that has emotions of a broken couple, and the voice of the singers will make the listeners to think about their own past.

    SunnyHill(サニーヒル) _ Cold Day (With Yoon Hyun Sang) チュウォジニ:寒くなると(With ユン・ヒョンサン) MV