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    Pirates Of The Caribean - Sungha Jung

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    Sungha plays 'Pirates Of The Caribean' arranged by Wolfgang Vrecun.
    Pirates of the Caribbean is a multi-billion dollar Walt Disney franchise encompassing a theme park ride, a series of films and spinoff novels as well as numerous video games and other publications. As of August 2006, Pirates of the Caribbean attractions can be found at four Disney theme parks and their related films have grossed more than US$2.7 billion.
    Pirates of the Caribbean is a series of fantasy-adventure films directed by Gore Verbinski (1-3) and Rob Marshall (4), written by Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio and produced by Jerry Bruckheimer. They are based on a Walt Disney theme park ride of the same name, and follow Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp), Captain Hector Barbossa (Geoffrey Rush), Will Turner (Orlando Bloom), Elizabeth Swann (Keira Knightley