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    "C Corruption" by Missionario Jose


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    Picture : "corruption" by Joâo SCHNIER (aka clarinetjo) (c)2012 released under creative commons license

    C Corruption by Missionario Jose can be freely and legally download at
    Description from Soundcloud page :
    "This piece in three parts was made during my stint at the University of Wales, Bangor, during which I took an undergraduate course on Electroacoustic Composition taught by Dr. Andrew Lewis, as part of the requirements for the Postgraduate. Diploma in Creative Music Technology.

    Most of this piece was composed on a Pro Tools 4-something at UWB's Music Department's Studio 4, a small, comfy room on the back of the Pritchard-Jones Hall - where allegedly the Floyd played in the sixties. The studio had just the perfect atmos for composing, quiet and isolated, with a window to the outside world. And the loveliest ATC monitor.
    "C Corruption by Missionario Jose" is licensed under a Creative Commons License"