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    United Kingdom Talk Wednesday 16th January 2013

    Chris Reardon

    by Chris Reardon

    Chris Reardon's Talk Show.
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    Creme eggs at the Co-Op.
    Peter suggests how to learn "lines".
    Why take the car when you can walk.
    Dire presenters.
    Welcome to some new You Tube people.
    Only 180 calories.
    New lampshade.
    Bread machine back in use.
    It's who you know.
    Should I be on "Bid TV" ?
    I do not absorb information easily.
    More cooking.
    What's wrong with bold colours ?
    Squeezing a roll.
    John Lewis restaurant.
    They point, but I cannot see.
    Pretty people on the telly.
    Not good enough.
    Very naughty.
    Little bowls with lids.
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