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    Are Electro Magnetic Fields Causing Your Headache (Radiation Meters)


    by radiationprotection


    Dirty electricity and EMF could be making you sick. Is electrosmog causing your headache?

    Swindon is to become Britain's first Wi-Fi town, but at what cost to its inhabitants' health?

    Swindon, that quintessentially Middle England town, hardly seems like a radical place. Yet it is at the forefront of a technological revolution that looks set to sweep the country.

    For the local council has announced plans to give all its 186,000 residents free wireless (Wi-Fi) access to the internet. About 1,400 access points will be installed on lampposts across the town, creating an electronic mesh which will allow internet connections to be made anywhere within Swindon's boundaries - even in the street, the pub or a park.

    Thanks to the introduction of mobile phones, computers, CCTV cameras, satellite televisions and digital radios, our lives are enveloped in electronic radiation
    In effect, Swindon will become Britain's first Wi-Fi town.

    Council leader Rod Bluh proudly boasts: 'This is the future of England.' And, sadly, he is probably right.
    No doubt many other towns will follow. Indeed, London mayor Boris Johnson has vowed to make the capital a 'Wi-Fi-city' by the time of the 2012 Olympics.

    Already, there are an estimated 10,000 Wi-Fi hotspots across the country, while 80 per cent of secondary schools and 50 per cent of primaries are thought to have Wi-Fi installed in the classroom.

    But before we all rush to embrace this new wireless technology, a loud note of caution should be sounded. Amid all the excitable rhetoric about our electronic future, there has been precious little recognition of the downside.
    For the reality is that these sprawling new grids of pulsing signals will add immeasurably to the amount of electromagnetic radiation in the air - with potentially disastrous consequences for the nation's health.