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    Begin Again - Taylor Swift (Red) Cover by Shiberty & Sky Ong, Music Video

    Amazing Videos

    by Amazing Videos

    Hi! My name is Jessica, also known as Shiberty. I'm the red haired girl in the video. I like to sing, and I LOVE Taylor Swift. I figured my first cover on Youtube should be in honor of my favoritest singer alive. I hope you enjoy listening to my take on her song, and I'd be ELATED if you shared the video with your friends as well. I'll be releasing more covers soon, so please subscribe, and stay tuned! :* If you have any songs you think I should definitely cover, let me know.

    Thank you sooo much Sky Ong (, pls check him out!!) for collaborating with me, for coming up with the kickass instrumental and for giving me a shot at doing what I really like to do. He's the mastermind behind this whole video, really. Amazing. And to sweet Xin, who provided the lovely harmonizing vocals and helped during recording and filming!! You both are crazy awesome. ♥

    Download the MP3 version HERE: :)

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