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Marilyn Gudsnuk - Real Sandy Hook Witness.

5 years ago858 views



Most of the eyewitness accounts of the Sandy Hook shooting have been proven unreliable, or even in some cases fake. Some report two, three or even four different versions of the story, conflict with each other, or were not who they said they were.

Marilyn Gudsnuk (in this video) is different, however. Notice that she clearly and methodically details her observations not once, but twice. She is perhaps the only true bystander eyewitness, with a complete view of the outside. It is also the case that she was NOT interviewed by a government controlled media outlet, was not coached, and not an actor.

Her account is also very different from all of the others. Listen very carefully to what she says, and specifically, the order and timing of what happened. If you do, you will have a very different picture of what happened there - one that will also match with the "end the life of Adam" statement recorded on police scanner radio. One that will match with the second shooter suspect observed ending up in the FRONT of a police car.

Marilyn Gudsnuk Transcript.

"I heard, ah, (th-like) two little boys screaming

down the sidewalk,

running and one telling the other one to stop.

They were running across the front of the the


and a black car had pulled up to the firehouse,

and the little boys were running and screaming,

one of them, on a skateboard.

And then I saw the police department go up, like

seven or eight police cars, in, within

45 seconds, I heard a bunch of sh- ,

ah like shots go off.

And, ah the little boys were running, and -

then a gentleman come up the road looking for

his two little boys, so I don't know if they found

them. I hope they did. But, em, they were scared

to death.

So, they, they must have gotten out of the

school, and took off. And ran down the sidewalk,

'cause they were

screaming out on the sidewalk. And uh, from there,

all this all the police started coming.

And that's about it - that I - all this has been going

on since."



1) Two boys are screaming at the fire station

2) A man is chasing the two boys at the fire station

3) A black car pulls up to the fire station

Note: The fire station is some distance up the road to the school. It was designated as the site of a FEMA training exercise, on the FEMA website. Most of the news coverage originated from the fire station, not the school. In most news coverage, the fire station was deceptively made to look like the school. The fire station seems to have been designated as the center of public attention before the event at the school began.

4) Seven or eight police cars arrive at the school building.

5) After 45 seconds, the shooting begins.