Gangster Squad Movie Review - BID Home Edition - Catherine Reitman Extras

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Catherine Reitman breaks down "Gangster Squad" from her secret hide out aka her home.

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A white horse gallops into frame carrying a ruggedly handsome 41 year-old man. He is dressed exactly as Catherine Rietman had always pictured him as a little girl. He exudes stability and control like the sweat beading upon his face, with a mysterious, wild aura that swirls around him like the dust kicked up from his energetic, impatiently chuffing horse. He turns to the camera with devastatingly piercing eyes.

Man: Catherine Reitman, you are my Ryan Gosling.

Cut to webcam view of Catherine sitting on the couch at home, watching the screen with arched eyebrows. She leans forward and begins to type.

Catherine: You are boner-inducing.

Cut to guy that's not as good looking but still OK sitting at his computer. He looks foolishly hopeful in his bare feet and slacks.

Guy: I really shouldn't post this.
By Undea Dalmac last year