Doctor Who - First and Last Night

Jack Danya Kemplin
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Oh I love this, love River Song, she is my new favorite character! I love d getting to see River and The 11th Doctor together this way, I miss her and him both! But I would be able to get over losing him, if they would bring River back for season 9! But it doesn't look like Steven Moffat is going to do that, or at least that is what he has said! Plus all the up coming stories for season 9 don't seem to have any room for them to be sneaking River in even! I was hoping he would this season, sense she was left out of last season, I thought maybe Moffat was keeping it under wraps, so he could surprise us, but I thought the same thing last season, and it didn't happen! I guess I will have to just rewatch all of the episode with her to get my River fix! But this was nice here, sense I hadn't seen it yet!
By Clara Johnson 3 weeks ago
I love River and 11! That light night, though... T_T
I never saw this one. What the heck? I always wondered why there was a gap when they "reunited"
By Shannon M. March