'Dark Knight' Props Manager, Who Put Sandy Hook in Massacre Map - Mysterious Death with UN Ties


by US-2012

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"Anyone who may have had questions about the placement of the words "Sandy Hook' on a map in the film 'The Dark Knight Rises', may first seek an explanation for it from the film's prop master, Scott Getzinger. Alas, that is not possible since the man is deceased. Scott Getzinger was from Newtown and he died in a car accident in April..."

The props manager who was responsible for the "Dark Knight" map has been discovered. He cannot comment on the map, because he died a mysterious death at around 47 years of age... from 'non life threatening' injuries. His death was caused by the daughter of a United Nations "New Canaan" committee member (New Canaan being an obvious reference to the Canaanite-Khazar direction of the UN at the behest of the Black Nobility - see http://archive.org/details/ThekhazarBlackNobility-TheSecretTreatyOfVerona ).

But perhaps more mind-bending still, his family also apparently had some serious issues with the Newtown School District board (!), as shown in this video. Yes, this is the man who evidently changed the name on the map from "Hinckley" (Ronald Reagan's would-be assassin), to "Sandy Hook" - the site of a future massacre, with which he apparently also had a more direct connection!

As props manager, was he also responsible for the inclusion of the "AURORA" reference in the same movie - the very site of the James Holmes massacre directly associated with debut of the same film?

Many thanks to "JrStudi0s" for the incredible investigation for this video.