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    Constable Odo

    by Constable Odo

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    hello ! i just started watching Pure 19 and now i'm feeling so upset cause i know i won't be able to see it until the end. Is it possible to see it from somewhere ? i mean episodes 123-167 ? i've looked everywhere but can't find them :( please please someone help me ! i need to see this until the end.
    By dm_5183bc651947d3 years ago
    Constable Odo
    Sorry to say people, but Dailymotion deleted the rest of the Pure 19 videos. It was beyond my control. There must have been some copyright issues. They left these few episodes, but all above episode 122 were rejected to be deleted. Blame Dailymotion, not me. What a pain.
    By Constable Odo5 years ago
    Constable Odo
    Thanks italiansoultoo. I'm already registered at both sites. I'd been recently watching Veoh Korean and Japanese movies, but didn't see anything for Pure 19. I don't think I saw the first two episodes for Pure 19, so I have to see them and I want to see some other episodes I liked. Glad you're keeping track of things. Thanks again for sharing this info.
    By Constable Odo9 years ago
    and of course many thanks again to Constable.. forever grateful
    By italiansoultoo9 years ago
    For all newcomers, you can find eps 1-100 WIRH ESUBS!! with cheng26 at the following (she only uploaded a few here) and then at In either case you have to register, and have to download veoh player there, but oh!! to be able to watch the whole series! I for one had never seen ps 1-100 in English. The English subtitles are funny but you get the gist of it. Thanks cheng26!!!!1
    By italiansoultoo9 years ago
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