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    David Blaine - Decade of Magic (DVD) - Magic Trick

    World Of Magic

    by World Of Magic

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    David Blaine revolutionized magic with his groundbreaking television special Street Magic. He then took his craft to the next level creating a unique genre of endurance art that defies what is possible by pushing his body and mind to the limit.
    For the first time on DVD this two-disc collection contains three of the most death-defying stunts ever performed in front of a live audience. Each special also features footage of jaw-dropping street magic that first made Blaine a worldwide sensation. From transforming dollar bills to hundreds in New Orleans impoverished Ninth Ward to blowing the minds of the likes of Kobe Bryant and Yao Ming in the NBA All-Star locker rooms this is David Blaine at his most creative disruptive and spectacular.
    Imagine standing atop a 100-foot tall 22-inch wide pillar in New York Citys Bryant Park. No harness or safety net for 36 hours. Winds rage pain persists and hallucinations set in. In Vertigo crowds of spectators gather to witness what happens when sleep can mean an imminent death.
    For seven days and seven nights Blaine is submerged in 10 000 gallons of water in front of Manhattans Lincoln Center. Liver damage kidney failure loss of feeling in fingers and toes threaten his attempt to break the world record of 8 minutes 58 seconds for underwater breath-holding in Drowned Alive.
    To catch a bullet - the deadliest feat of magic ever attempted. In What is Magic a .22 caliber bullet travels at a speed of over 1 000 feet per second. The slightest facial twitch can be fatal.
    For the first time ever Phantom Cameras capture David Blaines bullet catch using a small metal cup in his mouth at a speed of 10 000 frames per second. Witness the conviction of a man staring death in the eye of the barrel. Special Features
    TED Talk
    Swimming with Great White Sharks
    44 Days No Food Only Water
    World Record Breath Hold