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    Joe Biden says :Obama exploring executive orders to combat gun violence

    Nick Furry

    by Nick Furry


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    Nick Furry
    Yet with the clear current events hook at play — and Democrats from Congress to statehouses making the rounds on news shows to press that point — Biden acknowledged that current gun control propositions don’t necessarily even have a link to the spate of mass shootings over the past year.

    “If you look at every one of the tragic events that have attracted so much attention, it’s hard to be able to pinpoint what you could have done to assure it wouldn’t have happened,” Biden said.

    Biden said he’s been surprised to see former Senate colleagues — not referred to by name — “who have been pretty universally opposed to any restrictions on gun ownership or what type of weapons can be purchased, et cetera, there is — I’ve never heard quite as much about the need to do something about high-capacity magazines as I’ve heard spontaneously from every group that we’ve met with so far.”
    By Nick Furry3 years ago