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    How to Repair Corrupt AVI Videos Easily?

    Nikhil Chakravarthi

    by Nikhil Chakravarthi

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    DivFix++ is video repair tool for AVI files. Sometimes you can't convert your AVI video files for your PSP or smart phones due slight corruption.
    Because most of "video conversion" software doesn't like corrupted AVI files. You can fix corruptions on your AVI file before start conversion...
    Also you can't watch your video/movie properly on your favorite "video player" due corruption.
    Sometimes downloaded videos/movies are corrupted too. You can fix them with DivFix++ if they are in AVI format.

    You can also preview "video download" with this tool, fixing the file add seeking ability to video and you can watch currently downloaded parts.
    So you can decide if you are continue to download that video or not. It's good thing if you are heavy P2P user.

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