Are we being poisoned?! Don't give them a choice! (Wake Up! Message)

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In this short video we want to look at the question, are we being poisoned... what is really in the ingredients of our foods, what are the regulations on the labelling, what is the difference between "Organic" and "100% Organic"...

To see and read the original article with all the links to the FDA site referenced, go here:
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short extract:
..."When we first really realised the severity of this and the mind-blowing and not to say perverse magnitude this is at... We felt like, throwing up, stop eating and drinking all together, giving up and we lost all faith and trust in everything we are to eat, drink or use. Going in a shopping centre suddenly felt like going to choose you coffin and as we are at it... even stand in queue to be executed."

For the Interview NaturalNews with Randall Fitzgerald, author of The Hundred-Year Lie, on the prevalence of toxic chemicals, go here:

Wake Up! Message - because it's time to Wake Up!

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