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    bubba sparxxx - heat it up


    par yafs1925

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    germain mintsa nguema
    keske tu raconte toi? keske tu penses d'Eminem?
    Par germain mintsa nguemaIl y a 7 ans
    Rich Mundo
    I guess yall can call me by my new name, Big Toilet Bowl, cuz everybody crappin on me. And then they don't even clean me, you know wipe me down, just hand me down handed downs, with they eyes on the prize, so much feces in my eyes everybody seem to be full of isssh, Doin nothing but fertelizin hate, Won't keep me up or down, Im dang on Select like Black and Red Budweiser, Im Milleniums Behind, But know IM not on CP time, Im on GOD time, so imagine my grind, Got some buried underneath yo house, thats better than keys degrees or whatever yall claim to be. Im doing this cuz I see it televised, No secrecy, Fred FLintstone was the last G, the rest of yall Barney Rubbles, Ill be damned if I let a woman Betty Me, but she could Halle Berry Me, go gothicka, so she can say she walked in my shoes, I know yall need more clues, tools, and motivation to deal with the debatin, situation out of context, you guys woke me up preachin about safe sex, oxymoron, just like yall morons, Seem real pharoh
    Par Rich MundoIl y a 7 ans
    bubba sparxxx sisi pour une foi ki ya un babtou qui maitrise le sons
    Par cartman6494Il y a 7 ans