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    Mike Nolet - Why AppNexus Chose France

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    Mike Nolet tells us why AppNexus chose to open an office in France. AppNexus is an online advertising platform. In France over the past 12 month, they have seen a 140% year over year growth in their business.

    What is your company’s core business?

    AppNexus is an online advertising platform we licenses to major companies like Orange and Hi-media in France and let them operate their own online advertising businesses. Globally AppNexus has seen a tremendous amount of success and receives uploads of 40 billion ads every single day.

    One of the things that differentiate AppNexus from other technology companies in this space is that we provide our client with an open platform and let them their differentiated business on AppNexus. So companies can extend, customized and really bring their differentiations, their secret sauce to online advertising using our technology.

    Why has your company done so well in France?

    In France over the past 12 month, we’ve actually seen a 140% year over year growth in our business here. We are very excited about our recently done partnerships with Orange and also Hi-media and a number of other French companies to come soon.

    R&D is at the root of your company’s success. Is France a good place for R&D?

    As a technological company, R&D is critical to our success. With over 150 people working in engineering in AppNexus, we spend a lot of time and money building our platform. Europe has been a key strategic area for AppNexus since 2010. We began our expansion to Europe with an office in London and we very quickly realized that for us to have a significant presence in France we needed to have an office here in Paris. So last June we launched our first office with one employee and since then we’ve grown to five including expending with our first engineering presence here starting next month which is very exciting for us.

    What else make France attractive to you as an investor?

    AppNexus is very excited about this new opportunity in France. We see a lot of growth coming from existing partnerships and we also planned to sign a number of other deals here. Our really vision is actually help to change the French online advertising market. We think we can bring our technology and improve how publishers in advertisement now operate, bringing more revenue to publishers, higher efficiency to advertisers and overall improving the experience for the end user.

    How has the Invest in France Agency helped you in your investment project?

    Invest in France was very helpful to getting AppNexus on the ground. They provided operational support, logistics and really helped us land softly here on the ground.

    What are your company’s future plans in France?

    AppNexus is very excited to be here in France and not just because of the food. We think that it’s a fantastic economic opportunity and we are excited to be here and invest heavily in this country with our business here. We expect to really grow here over the next couple of years.