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    Radiation By Microwave And Mobile Telephony (Radiation Meters)


    by radiationprotection


    Something that concerns many people today, is the influence of mobile telephony. You may have verified yourself that when you talk a few minutes with your phone you start becoming congested. Those who use it more intensively notice headaches, palpitations, earache, and general symptoms of fatigue. Is there any real danger? Again consider the facts. The most useful suggestion for people who talk constantly with the mobile phone may be to purchase a free hand system, so that the device and its antenna are the furthest removed from the brain.
    The entire skull is, without a doubt, one of the most sensitive parts to the various sources of radiation. Some current studies report the occurrence of certain tumors in the skull by excessive mobile phone use, not to mention other various symptoms. Some governments have required the companies to an attenuation of the radiation levels as a preventive measure, but officially they do not establish a connection between mobile phones and health problems. As usual there are problems and business interests related to the multinational companies and there will pass time until these facts will be clarified in a totally objective manner for the good of the consumers.