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    Divergent Casting Down to 3 for Tobias - Lucas Till, Alex Pettyfer, Jeremy Irvine


    by ClevverTV

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    Divergent is one step closer to finding its Tobias and we have details on which three actors are circling the role. According to an exclusive report from Variety, film makers behind the potential franchise from Summitt are down to three actors to play opposite Shailene Woodley -- and they are Lucas Till, Jeremy Irvine and Alex Pettyfer. The article reveals that the top three are expected to test for the role later this week. Lucas Till tested back in November along with Brenton Thwaits, Luke Bracy and Jack Reynor, who seem to have been removed from the running since then. The role of Tobias, who is also known as Four, is at the foundation of the plot in the book series written by Veronica Roth, which is a futurist thriller where teens must fight for survival, and of course there is a great love story, as well. This role is consider to be one of the most sought after roles among young actors right now and we'd love to hear from you guys -- have you read the books, and if so, who do think would be great in this role. Personally, we think it would be pretty cool to see any of these guys dye their hair black and cover their bodies in temporary tattoos but we'd love your thoughts as well. Is your vote for Lucas Till, Jeremy Irvine, Alex Pettyfer, or are you still hoping the studio considers someone else. Hit the comments section with your vote and keep coming back to ClevverTV for more details on Divergent as casting news breaks. I'm Joslyn Davis -- thanks for watching!

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