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    Stan Slap

    by Stan Slap

    83 views Three groups are deciding the success of your business while you read this sentence: your manager, employee and customer cultures. You already know you have managers, employees and customers in your business but it is only when they’re uniquely understood as cultures that chronic problems are finally resolved and unattainable opportunities are finally realized.

    How to gain maximum commitment from these three cultures is what this talk is ostensibly about but Stan’s real purpose is to make the business case for humanity. When we lose humanity in business we’re all doomed. When we save it – company-by-company and manager-by-manager, we’ve saved ourselves. This is not soft stuff; it is also the stuff of hardcore business results.

    Stan is a New York Times bestselling author and the president of the international consulting company SLAP, which is renowned for achieving maximum commitment in manager, employee and customer cultures.

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