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Custom Offer Social Media Table Tents

5 years ago21 views

Connect your "fans with your brand" with our new product: Custom Offer Table Tents for in-store display, each with a unique custom offer and username, as well as a free generated QR code, the custom offer is completely up to you- write whatever you want for your own unique Brand Message! These Marketing Materials are sure to help your retail location attract new fans on social networks.

These items allow you to specify your own custom offer, discount, or other incentives to encourage fans beyond telling them that you're on Facebook! They also allow you to specify your Fan Page Username! We use the information you specify to Generate the QR code (we use the full URL!). This pack includes Custom Offer Facebook Table Tent(s) (Made from Sturdy Plastic, Double-sided display utilizing 2 Large Facebook Stickers including Generated QR Codes for Smartphone Scanning!) to place at checkout or on tables around your store. These allow you to display your Facebook username clearly and effectively to those around you thanks to a visible design and bright blue Facebook colors. That means people who see them know where to join the conversation about you or your brand online and get special offers, discounts and participate. When you place these Table Tents where customers are most likely to see it, it lets them know that your brand active, reachable, and ready to interact with people in your brand's Facebook Fan Page Community.

The Table Tent is affordable and made from sturdy plastic manufacturers here in the US. The stickers used in the inserts are Permanent Stick, Long-Lasting Colors, Gloss Finish, Tough (Semi-Vinyl) Stickers. If you want to increase awareness of your Social Media Communities we know these stickers will accomplish the job! This one small investment keeps working for you over and over again. The QR Code is also trackable so you know how many people have scanned your sticker. (hopefully for a special offer!)

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