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    Coping with Stress by Thriving

    Ron Gorton

    by Ron Gorton

    Coping with Stress by Thriving on Good Changes

    Have you ever noticed your self-going to the icebox to get something to eat when your are all upset. You are not alone there are many people just like you in this world. They ,like you,are wishing they could do something to change that from happening to them but it isnt going away. what you can do to help you to stop all of this from happening to you. You have to train your self to do something different. Only you can do this.

    What causes this stress to happen to people?
    Usually this happens when people are stressed out or are upset. The first thing they want to do to ran to the icebox and eat ever thing they see in it. Which isnt health for you in the first place? You need to think way down inside your body and figure out what can be done about this habit. There are other ways to go, you just have to figure out what to do about it, and do it