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DVD-Rom - Internment camps in the South of France

il y a 5 ans234 views

2012 – The association “Mémoires: Les Juifs dans la Résistance” and Courte Echelle Prod. present a DVD-Rom entitled, “Internment camps in the South of France. Between history and memory. 1939-1944”

This material brings together numerous resources for teachers and students alike. The DVD-Rom, as a teaching tool, is suitable for several school age groups. It is also intended for the general public in the widest sense and is therefore perfectly suitable for Libraries and Archive Centres.

The box set contains three DVDs including documentaries, sequenced witness accounts, as well as a digital booklet. It also contains a user manual giving access to various historical and educational documents that can be printed out.

This DVD-rom will soon be available in English.

Presentation and pre-order form : http://www.fondationshoah.org/en/education/educational-dvd-rom-about-internment-camps-south-france-1939-1944

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DVD-Rom - Internment camps in the South of France
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