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    Teen Must Tan Everyday Due to Rare Disease

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    A teen must tan everyday due to a rare disease.

    A high school senior in Medford, New Jersey uses a tanning bed every day to help treat his rare skin condition.

    Josh Borelli is the star of his high school’s basketball team, and he also happens to have an extremely rare type of skin disease that has caused lesions to break out all over his body.

    The disease is known as Mucha-Habermann, a skin disorder that is more likely to strike males than females.

    Doctors recommended a successful way to treat Borelli that includes daily tanning salon visits along with a regimen of prescription medication.

    Fans of his high school basketball team have made shirts that read: “Fear the Tan,” in reference to Borelli’s year round tan skin.

    Around 28 million Americans go to a tanning salons every year, making it a big business that rakes in about 5 billion dollars annually.

    The states of California and Vermont and the city of Chicago have banned tanning for those under the age of 18. The state of New York has banned tanning for anyone under the age of 17.