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    Mother Discovers Python Wrapped Around Her Daughter's Arm

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    A mother discovers a python wrapped around her young daughter's arm.

    Snakes and babies don’t seem to make a good combination. However a 22-year-old mom, named Tess from New South Wales recently woke up to hear her cat hissing in the dark, early morning hours.

    When she looked around, she discovered a nearly 6 foot long python wrapped around her two-year-old daughter’s arm. Tess tried to grab the snake and pull it off of her child, but the effort spooked the reptile and it bit the toddler several times in the hand.

    The family immediately went to the hospital, while a professional snake removal company arrived at the home and took possession of the reptile. The toddler was fine and Tess asked officials to release the python back into the wild rather than killing it.

    From another report from last year, three-year-old, Kyle Cumming from north Queensland discovered some snake eggs in his backyard. He placed them in a container and stashed the eggs in his closet.
    A few weeks later, Kyle’s mother discovered that the eggs had hatched. Those baby snakes turned out to be eastern brown snakes, known as one of the most venomous snakes on Earth. The mother reportedly brought the snakes to a wildlife sanctuary, where officials released them.