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    Tomas Transtromer - The Station


    by poetictouch

    Tomas Transtromer - The Station - Read by John Mackay

    The Station
    by Tomas Transtromer (1931-)

    A train has just rolled in. Coach after coach stand still,
    but no doors open, no one gets off or on.
    Are there no doors at all? Inside, a crowd
    of shut-in figures stirring to and fro.
    Gazing out through immovable windowpanes.
    Outside, a man who walks along the coaches with a hammer.
    He strikes the wheels, a feeble clang. Except for here!
    Here the chime swells unbelievably: a lightning stroke,
    peal of cathedral bells, a sailing-around-the-world peal
    that lifts the whole train and the landscape's wet stones.
    Everything is singing. This you will remember. Travel on!

    - Translated by Robin Fulton