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    Blasted Church Vineyards - Wine Harvest - Okanagan Falls Winery


    by blastedchurch

    Blasted Church Vineyards began their annual harvest in October. Harvesting wine grapes is an essential step of winemaking. The decision to begin harvesting is dependant on the ripeness, levels of sugar, acidity, tannin and even the weather.

    With just a pair of sharp shears and a basket, here at Blasted Church we hand pick our wine grapes, ensuring quality, healthy bunches are chosen. While manual harvesting is more taxing, we still prefer this method to produce our wines.

    The wine grapes are then sent up to be sorted and then crushed. Here, the skin is broken exposing the juice and pulp but without crushing stems and seeds. Once crushing and destemming has been completed, the fermentation processes begins.

    For more information on our wines and where to find them, visit us at

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