Swing You Sinners (1930) Fleischer Studios

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Fleischer Studios' early sound masterpiece throws sexual teasing completely out the window in favor of creating a serious contender for the Most Morbid Cartoon of All Time!

Bimbo has a living nightmare that he'd soon like to forget. He's chased by a policeman for stealing a chicken. As Bimbo ditches the cop, he ducks into a nearby graveyard, planning to hide there only long enough to lose the cop. But darn if he doesn't start picking up all kinds of messages from wind, trees, spooky shadows, evil-looking swaying headstones, graves (including some inviting, empty ones), and more taunting ghouls, monsters and goblins than he ever thought to see. The ghosts sing the title song: "Get ready, brother, your time has come!"

Wildly disorienting, moving backgrounds; inanimate objects springing to musical, malevolent life- this cartoon is pure Fleischer. We don't get the sadder-but-wiser happy ending of so many ghost cartoons that have followed. This time around, there's no escaping to cower beneath the covers of your safe bed, back at "Home Sweet Home" as in "Minnie the Moocher", and no ring-around-the-rosy with Betty Boop and Ko-Ko after cheerful conquest of the supernatural, as in "Snow-White." No, after an infectious, scatting performance of the title song and one swipe of a long blade, an enormous ghost skull clamps its jaws shut, bringing both the cartoon and Bimbo's misspent mortal life to an abrupt ending!

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