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    Koko The Clown "out of the inkwell"****Modeling (1921) Max Fleischer


    by Allan

    Max draws some ink drops, which coalesce partially, then fully, into The Clown. The Clown seems listless and complains that Max needs to use fresh ink. Max draws the scene on an ice-coated pond and puts The Clown on ice skates to "energize" him. The Clown shows off his ice-skating technique by doing a number of stunts all over the pond. In the meantime, a rather ugly man with a big nose comes into the studio, and "Doc" Crandal sculpts a bust of his head. The man rejects it, saying, "It's no good... it looks too much like me!" While Max tries to intervene, The Clown, taking in the scene, after peering closely at the man, draws a picture of him with his skates on the ice. Unsatisfied with this, he rolls up a big ball of snow and sculpts the man's head out of the ball of snow. The sculpted clay head takes on a life of its own, with the features distorting in all kinds of positions. The Clown climbs out of the frame and climbs up the pedestal and onto the sculpted head, causing all kinds of consternation among Max, "Doc" Crandal and the man, causing the client to leave in a huff. The Clown finally dives back into the inkwell, closing the film.

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