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    Paul Baloff of Exodus appearances on Reality Check TV

    Reality Check TV

    by Reality Check TV

    a compilation of all the interviews and appearances on Reality Check TV of the late great Paul Baloff: original lead singer of Bay Area Thrash greats Exodus. Live footage and interview of Paul's little know first reunion with Exodus in 1993. A 19997 interview and live fooatge on the "Another Lesson in Violence" tour with cameos by members of Skinlab & Death Angel. Paul talks about falling through a skylight on tour and punching out a promoter.
    we jump to 1998 where Danny "D-D-D-Danny" Shipman talks to his then coworker Paul about working at a Market research firm and a great story of Exodus playing on the Amazon.
    From warped tour 2000 we run in to Paul again with Death Ange's Rob Cavestany. next its our last 2 interviews with Paul at Thrash of the Titans featuring outtakes not seen in our original edit. Then sadly a visit to his garvesite on the one anniversary of his untimely passing. We will never forget Paul Baloff & Exodus!
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