IAWTV Awards Live Stream 2013



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First, I was led to believe that this was going to be streamed on the IAWTVORG Youtube channel yesterday. Your iawtvawards.org website even had a link to that channel under the Where to Watch section. I waited from 6pm PST to 9pm PST and the show never appeared. So it was apparently a lie. I found out today that the entirety of the awards is on DailyMotion instead, the link under Where to Watch being changed to here. I resigned myself to watching the taped version of the show since its better late than never. However, then I'm upset to find that the awards show's audio track is horribly out of sync with the video, no matter what quality I set it to. I was looking forward to seeing this show since I first saw multiple youtubers mention it, and now I'm just plain disappointed. Please fix this, its pretty terrible.
By DabneyCollins 3 years ago