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    F1 2010 season review

    Magdiel Costea

    by Magdiel Costea

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    they exist in a world beyond ours.. where man and machine become one... 60 years since the odyssey has started and the age of the racing machine had begun. Decades followed of emotions pushed to limits in the pursuit of the aquainted number one. But it takes only the blink of the eye for the perfect drive to become undone. In the beginning their fame was only whispered by those who stole a glimpse of the chosen. But now their fame is embraced by millions as they watch the screens every day of the sun. In life is there is nothing beyond them. their spirit the will endure talking them come. Their feats remain on the lips of their followers as they whisper: this is Formula One. At 18.000 revolutions per minute, this isn't music. This is the scream of science.