Sports Fans: Police Your Own At The Game

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Sports Fans, police your own when it comes to clowns acting up in the stadium. Don't give your city a bad reputation and show that a few bad people don't spoil the bunch. Mathew Clemmens of New Jersey purposely threw up on a police captain and his daughter at the Philllies game, when he was upset his friend was ejected from the game. Here's a picture.

As you can see, he got his ass whooped as he deserved. But this just isn't a Philly issue, I see this alot at other stadiums around the country. San Diego Charger fans fight all the time, Cubs Fans poor beer on players as they're fielding. Arizona Cardinals fans set fire to athlete's lawns. It's out of hand and yet they call Philly fans bad. Should we even get into Soccer overseas?

Anyways, if you love your teams and you want to have fun, police your own. Put your people in check and make sure you keep having fun. When people take things too serious in the name of sports, they need to be sent home.

BONUS: For those watching the video and reading the info bar, apparently there was a wardrobe malfunction at the Phils game lastnight. Heres the vid, enjoy.