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    Phillies vs Nats + Jason Marquis Disrespects Ryan Howard


    by Main_Event_TV

    Phillies home opener today and Jason Marquis has a few words to say about Ryan Howard after their previous encounter, which Howard took him yard. Apparently instead of being humble or professional to the entire process, Marquis decided to question Howards ability to hit the ball. Well today is the rematch, and Marge better put his money where his mouth is.

    UPDATE: Speaking of his mouth, Marge was just caught cheating by umps putting saliva on the ball, in the bottom of the 4th. I guess a guy with a 13 ERA needs as much help as he can get. And now Howard gets an RBI off him on a full count, that Marge was actually up on, which causes Marge's skip to get thrown out the game LOL!

    Bottom of the 5th Phils run the table on Marge, which results in 7 runs and ends with an Utley 2 run homerun. Immediately, Marge leaves the mound for the showers. I wonder who he'll throw under the bus this time, any bets?

    To read the entire story between Howard and Marquis, you can click on the link I've provided below.

    Also, some corrections. The Yanks spent 1.6 billion to win their WS, while the Phils spent 535 million. This is what happens when everything is done in one take, no BS edits, no punches pulled. What you see is what you get.