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    Super Mario OVA - Spectacular Special for Gaming Enthusiasts! - Part 1

    Welcome to The LingCcentric Dudes' first movie riff track! Since our YouTube channel is primarily dedicated to video games, we have decided that our movie riffs will primarily be video game-related as well.

    Our first movie riff is of the Japanese OVA "Super Mario Bros.: The Great Mission to Rescue Princess Peach". This OVA was exclusively released in Japan back in 1988, and a lot of its nature is found to be very uncanny by the Dudes--especially Sam and Keith.

    By the way, we apologize for the error at 14:28. What we meant was, "Go to 24:48." Our apologies for the typo.

    The LingCcentric Dudes are:
    Cronus600Gaia [Samuel]
    PreStalnic/Crazep0per [Stalin]
    soldude89 [Pedro]
    Kphoria [Keith]