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    Holiday Stress? Relax At a Medical Spa


    by mojovid2012

    Holiday Stress? Relax At a Medical Spa!

    The Holidays are making me crazy!

    It might be “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year,” but there’s also a lot to do, especially if you have parties to plan, kids to shop for, and Secret Santas to remember.

    Holiday Spending in 2011 totaled $52 billion dollars.

    The average person spends $854 on Christmas gifts every December -- a 32% increase over 2011! Be sure to budget in a little stocking stuffer for yourself!
    - We spend an average of $403.26 on kids
    - We spend an average of 68.03 on friends
    - We spend an average of $21.06 on co-workers

    Before you reach for a bottle of eggnog to take the edge off, consider other ways to chill out!

    Beat Holiday Stress
    - Watch what you eat: Weight Watchers advises that you avoid your “trigger” foods - the ones that inspire overeating. Don’t gorge yourself!
    - Make a list: Grab one of the free holiday shopping apps to help keep an eye on what you spend. It prevents overspending!
    - Shop Online: In 2011, online shoppers spent $37.2 billion on holiday gifts. Save yourself some stress and avoid the mall!

    Still stressed? Join the 8,100 people who visit medical spas yearly to feel rejuvenated.

    Time to Look Your Best for the Holiday Party

    8 out of every 9 cosmetic procedures performed every year are non-invasive.

    Give Yourself a Gift This Holiday

    - Massage Therapy - With an average cost of $75, this eases pain and increases flexibility
    - Acupuncture - Around $95 a session and is excellent for chronic pain
    - Microdermabrasion - Averages $131 in cost and helps improve skin texture and reduces scarring
    - Laser Hair Removal - Costs on average $358 and stops hair growth after multiple sessions
    - BOTOX - Averaging about $365, BOTOX wipes away wrinkles, frown lines and more
    Find a doctor
    If you decide you’re going to treat yourself, make sure to do it right.
    - Choose a licensed doctor - Ask about his or her history and ask to see photos of past patients.
    - Ask about the treatments - All people may be affected differently by different treatments, so be sure to ask questions.
    - Ask about the equipment used - Do a bit of research before you go and make sure the medical spa has the equipment on hand that you want.

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