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    Cat Runs Across Set During Live TV Broadcast

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    A cat runs across the a stage during a live television broadcast.

    There's nothing more exciting than live broadcasts when something unexpected happens.

    Recently, an evening television broadcast in Serbia featured several guests who were discussing the country’s financial situation.

    Suddenly a cat waltzed across the stage. The show’s host along with the guests were stunned. A channel official claimed to not know where it came from and how the kitty got inside the studio.

    This isn’t the first time a live debate shocked viewers. Last year, a television broadcast of a political debate in the Middle Eastern country of Jordan erupted into a physical altercation when one of the participants threw his shoe at the other and then pulled out a silver pistol from his waist.

    Then in August of 2012, a bat flew into a newsroom in Ottawa, Canada while the anchor was on the air. Video footage shows many employees running away from the fast flying creature, while several others tried to trap it and get it back outside.

    The bat spent roughly 15 minutes in the newsroom before finally being escorted outdoors.