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    Hair Growth on Eyeball Due to Rare Tumor

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    Hair growth on an eyeball turned out to be a rare tumor.

    A rare form of tumor known as a limbal dermoid has grown several strands of hair on a man’s eyeball.

    Researchers from the Tabriz University of Medical Sciences in Iran are studying this specific case of limbal dermoid, saying that the benign tumor had been on the man’s eye since birth, it had grown to be around 5 millimeters and had grown a few black hair.

    The tumors have also been known to cause blurred vision.

    There are clinical surgeries that can remove the tumor for cosmetic reasons or if it is causing a problem for the person.

    This kind of tumor is quite uncommon, and can have tissue in it that is usually found on other parts of the body, and in many cases, hair starts growing on the eyeball.

    Another case of an unusual medical condition occurred when finger or toenail like growths started coming out of a woman’s face, which was believed to be caused by an allergic reaction to medicine.
    Her symptoms started after the woman used steroids to control her asthma.
    Doctors from Johns Hopkins Hospital who are treating the woman’s symptoms have studied her condition but are unable to identify her disease.