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    Postman in Trouble After Discovering a Faster Mail Route

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    by Geo Beats

    A postman is charged after discovering a more efficient route.

    Is this how you feel when your mail is delivered faster? No need to answer, I already know it.

    A savvy German postman decided to configure quicker routes in between drop-offs to shorten his long route. However the plan backfired when he was legally charged for his speedy detours.

    The 53-year-old from a town near Munich found himself in hot water after a co-worker reported him when it was discovered that he was getting his work done faster than other colleagues. It was assumed that he was just tossing the mail away rather than delivering it to the recipients.

    That complaint led to a recent court hearing, where the judge heard that the postman’s boss knew about his time saving methods and tolerated them. The case was dismissed and the employee only received a warning for not following postal rules concerning the specific routes.

    Last year, a lifeguard in Florida was fired for not following rules. 21-year -old Tomas Lopez ran to save a man who was swimming in unprotected waters which were 15 hundred feet away from his designated zone.
    Lopez told CBS4. "Honestly, a job is not as important as a person's life."