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    The History of French Fries

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    Learn about the history of French fries.

    Ahh… the good old French fries. Just because of the name, their origin story isn't any simpler.

    It is not entirely clear who invented the yummy strips of fried potatoes. Spanish travelers are said to have introduced potatoes to Europe.

    According to historical records, somewhere between the 17th and 18th century, Belgians began using potatoes to create thin fried strips.

    They would catch small fish and fry them for a quick meal. But during the winter months, when fishing was difficult and dangerous, they decided to substitute potatoes for the usual fish.

    French people argue that fries were first created by Parisian cooks under several bridges that cross the Seine River.

    However there is no recorded evidence of the invention or who initially came up with the dish. It has been documented that the French never ate potatoes as they believed the vegetable caused disease. The French Parliament banned the cultivation of potatoes in 1748, casting serious doubt that the French created the famous fries.

    Nevertheless by the late 1700s, potatoes were declared edible for people in France and eventually French fries were discovered or possibly created by an experimenting cook and the popularity skyrocketed.

    Thomas Jefferson is credited with introducing the fries to America when he discovered the snack during a trip to Paris.

    In 1802, the White House menu listed “potatoes served in the French manner.”

    It was a matter of time before french fries made their way around the United States.

    Pop quiz time - who do you think invented french fries a) french b) belgians or c) the chinese?