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    NASA May Snag Asteroid From Space to Orbit Around Moon

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    NASA may pull an asteroid from space to orbit around moon.

    NASA is reportedly discussing plans to take an asteroid from space and put it in orbit of the moon.

    The plan would take scientists anywhere from six to ten years to complete.

    The Keck Institute for Space Studies in California has announced the possible NASA mission that would send a robotic spaceship to retrieve an asteroid and place it in the moon’s high orbit.

    If the mission happens, it would cost around 2 point 6 billion dollars, which is a little more expensive than the Mars Rover Curiosity project.

    NASA also has potential plans to create a base that would hover in orbit of our moon at the Lagrange point, where the gravitational pull of both the Earth and the moon makes it possible to suspend an object in orbit without using rocket fuel.

    President Barrack Obama has made it one of his stated goals to make a moon landing by 2021, and to eventually make a manned landing on an asteroid.

    What do you think? Is it a good idea to place an object in moon's orbit?