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    100 Years Ago Today - January 7th, 1913

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Learn what happened 100 years age today on January 7th, 1913.

    What was happening in the world in the year 1913. Here are 5 January 7th stories from the New York Times.

    Number 5 - On the front page, above the fold, a headline notes the story of run away horses in New York City. For more than 10 minutes, the horses caused havoc in the streets with one of them, sadly, drowning in the river. The January 7th, 1913 report noted the horses were newcomers.

    Number 4 - Rev. father John Dyminiski was being blackmailed. The accused sent him newspaper clippings with indirect threats to kill him unless he paid a huge sum of $150. Fortunately, the plan was unsuccessful and they were arrested following a trap set by authorities.

    Number 3 - If you were shopping for trousers on January 7th, 1913, there was some exciting news for you. A New York store, in its biggest sale, had put up 6,000 pairs of high-class pants for $2. To fully convince you, the ad further noted that the original value of pants was $6.

    Number 2 - Another front page headline covered a situation involving the will of a wealthy man who had drowned while aboard the Titanic. Since the Titanic had capsized in April, 1912, memories were still fresh from that tragedy. The authorities were searching for his 2 supposed heirs but new developments had suggested they might not have been his children after all.

    Number 1 - Our nation was nearing 100 million in population on that day. It's remarkable that today there 210 million people more in the US than in 1913.