Woman Uses Twin's Name After Warrant Issued

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A woman uses her twin's name after a warrant is issued for her arrest.

Being a twin has some perks.

However, one woman used her twin sister’s name for less-than-wholesome purposes.

According to police, an Iowa City woman, 35-year-old, Aisha Watson drove into a semi-circular lane at her daughter’s elementary school. That lane is reserved for buses only.

When a teacher tried to stop her, Watson continued driving and struck the school employee with her car mirror. She left the scene and police were alerted of the incident.

Officers were forced to get a warrant as Watson was uncooperative and they arrived at her home. She answered the door and assumed her twin sister’s identity, claiming that her name was Nicole Watson.

Police later returned to the home and arrested Aisha, charging her with leaving the scene of an accident and providing false information.

Last year, a Tennessee man was arrested for a crime that his deceased twin brother committed. Apparently the man’s brother had allegedly been involved in a federal crime in Louisiana prior to his death.

When the living brother’s driver’s license was run, his name was mistakenly connected with the offense. He spent 36 hours in jail before officials recognized their mistake and released him.