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    Arcade Odyssey Video - Miami, FL United States


    by SmartShoot

    Arcade Odyssey - Miami, FL United States
    Established in 2011

    By an Avid Arcade Player and Game Collector, Rick - The Owner would constantly be on the lookout for Arcades anywhere he traveled, He noticed that there were no Arcades in the Miami area, other than Chucky E Cheese or Dave and Busters, neither of which really rang with him, the feel of what he believed an Arcade should be like, So he got together with his partner Jochy Jo and built what has very quickly become the Best Arcade in all of South Florida, with patrons driving down from as far away as Tampa , and Orlando in order to play in the Arcade and being the only Arcade anywhere that not only has a 100MBPS internet feed for gameplay, but also changes out it's games on a monthly basis. We are deeply honored by the constant Handshakes, Hugs and great compliments we get on a daily basis. It encourages us to try harder in order to constantly improve our Arcade till we become the best in the SouthEast US, and beyond, thank you all for your support & patronage, and see you at the Arcade