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    Danielle lies about Jenn & Janelle Part 2


    by JoanRose33

    You must watch "Danielle lies about Jenn & Janelle Part 1" to fully understand what you see in this video.

    Danielle goes into her HOH room and prepares herself for a spectacular performance. Watch as she readies herself for the return of Shane. She sits on the bed watching the monitor to see when Shane is coming towards the door. When she spots him, she puts her hand to her face to make herself look very upset.

    Sit back and watch the performance of which is 100% based on lies. She didn't go without eating for 2 days after hearing that JoJo called her fat. (See the "The two days that Danielle Murphree starved" video to watch her starving). Jenn never told her anything about Janelle as you saw in Part 1 of this 2 part video set. Danielle has fake boobs, but slams Janelle's, saying Janelle is jealous of her REAL and BIG boobs. Danielle states several times throughout the game that she never speaks bad about others or personally. She sure does here, and throughout the game if you pay attention.

    Danielle is successful in angering Shane against Janelle... based on nothing but lies. What was the point of these 2 conversations? It served no purpose in the game. She only wanted to make people dislike Janelle, and for what purpose? In a matter of hours, Janelle was being evicted and this whole routine served no purpose other than to feed her own ego and manipulate those around her. Poor little Danielle needs them to protect her and tell her daily how beautiful. slim, smart and sweet she is.

    Danielle describes HERSELF when she speaks about catty women who are jealous of other women's beauty. She was the one who was jealous of the other women's beauty and confidence. She fabricated this whole conversation to make herself look the victim to Janelle's awful ways, when in reality (where Danielle does not reside) it was herself that was awful & just plain ugly.

    I hope that someone will pass the links to these videos along to Shane. He got caught in her stinking web of lies and needs to see the truth about her. She lied to him about almost everything. It makes me understand why one of Danielle's biggest fears is NOT finding her true love. I don't think there is a true love out there for her in her current state of mind. She is a black widow, destroying the relationships with everybody in her life, with the lies and needy manipulations.