Thor & Sif Relationship To Be Explored In 'Thor: The Dark World'

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Jane Foster better watch out because Sif is out to get her man! Marvel fans still have a while to go before "Thor: The Dark World" hits theaters but Jamie Alexander, who plays warrior goddess and Thor confidant Lady Sif, sat down with I Am Rogue to talked about the upcoming sequel and hinted that Thor and Sif may become more than friends. Alexander admits that the movie further explores the Sif-Thor relationship and when asked if that relationship turns romantic she said, "Yeah, kinda'. She went on to say, "It's more of getting a feel of who these people are, the way they are with each other. It was fun for me and Chris (Hemsworth). They are almost like brother-sister types too, so maybe that translates into...they love each other on camera too, you know." First Jane Foster, now Sif? Man, demi gods have all the luck... We will have to wait until November to see how far their romance goes but Alexander also revealed how 'The Dark World' shifts the events of the Avengers and her thoughts on new 'Thor' director Alan Taylor. After 'The Avengers', Thor has to fight to restore order across the cosmos but Malekith returns to destroy it and Alexander admits that will see a lot more of Asgard. She said, "We get to explore the different realms I guess... a lot more... a lot more Asgard, Asgardians." That may explain why she says Thor 2 will have a "darker feel" and more action than the first movie or it could be because of Alan Taylor, who took over the directing duties for Kenneth Branagh. Alexander admitted that at first the transition was hard but it all worked out in the end. "I love Kenneth Branagh very much. He was a huge staple in my life because he launched my career... and I gotta say though it was always great to work with different people and Alan Taylor has brought a whole new vision to Thor". Thor: The Dark World will hit theaters on November 8. That's a whole lot of Thor news for a Monday! How do you feel about it all? Are you ready for a darker Thor? And of course the most important question of them all: Team Jane or Team Sif? Let us know down below. I'm Aja Dang for Clevver Movies, thanks for watching.